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  • Can I travel on the highway with my Handy Flag up?
    Yes! The Handy Flag is double stitched and made of a durable Rip-Stop Nylon material. However, we do reccomended stowing your flag during extended periods of high-speed travel because it will wear your flag out very quickly. We recommend stowing it at speeds over 65 mph for the longest service life.
  • Can I use my own flag with my Handy Flag whip?
    Yes but only if it is the same size or smaller than the flag provided with the HandyFlag. We do not recommend using larger flags because the load on the flag pole at higher speed increases exponentially with the size of the flag. If there is a flag design you would like to see offered feel free to send us your ideas!
  • How is the flag attached to the whip?
    The flag slips over the pole and is attached to an anchor point on the pole using a zip-tie. This way you can easily replace or swap between flags by snipping the zip tie, sliding on your new flag and attaching it to the anchor with a new zip-tie.
  • Will the Handy Flag bend out of the way of low hanging branches?
    Our flag whip is made from premium materials that allow the whip to be strong enough to not break at high speeds, but flexible enough to bend out of the way when needed. This gives piece of mind that the ocasional low hanging branch will not snap your whip. However, if your flag is mounted too high, on the roof for example, you are much more likely to break the pole by going under a branch, tunnel, or pulling into your garage. If you are traversing heavily wooded areas where low hanging branches are frequent it is recommended you remove the whip. Do not keep your flag whip connected through an automatic car wash. If you have any questions about your particular use case, please feel free to contact us!
  • Can I shorten the pole?
    Yes! Here are the instructions for shortening the pole by taking out a section: First, pull out the aluminum tip at the top of the pole, cut the cord and remove two sections. Then, feed the cord back through the section that has the flag. Lastly, pull the cord somewhat tight and tie it back to the tip. A clamp or another set of hands to hold the cord while you tie it makes this much easier.
  • Do you make custom flags?
    We do make custom flags, but there is a minimum order is 50. However, we can give you a significant discount when you buy more than 10 HandyFlag kits with your custom print. If you are still interested, let us know.
  • Can I order a red or blue coupler?
    Unfortunately, our supplier stopped making those color options. We are now only able to offer gray couplers.


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